Michael Vick says that Colin Kaepernick needs to cut his hair to get a job?


Many people have speculated about why Colin Kaepernick no longer has a place in the NFL. Some people claim that racism is the reason he has not been picked up by any NFL team, while others argue that he no longer had the talent that would have warranted the high salary that he would have demanded. But former quarterback, Michael Vick said that, Kaep need to shed his afrocentric hairstyle to get another shot at the League.

In a recent appearance on Fox Sport 1’s “Speak for Yourself”, Jason Whitlock suggested that Colin needed some better mentorship to help him get back to the NFL. Vick responded, “First thing, we gotta get Colin to cut his hair.” He went on to say that the reason Kaep isn’t playing has nothing to do with his stance on the National Anthem, but had more to do with his “play” and his “image”.

Hear what else Vick had to say about Colin Kaeperinck and let us know what you think. Is Vick on point or is he missing the mark?

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