Rep. Ayanna Pressley Exposes The FBI’s Lies About The ‘Made Up Term’ Black Identity Extremists During Wednesday’s Democratic Oversight hearing on white terrorists Rep. Ayanna Pressley asked about the legitimacy of the FBI’s claims against Black activists.

Rep. Pressley says the FBI’s claims about “Black identity extremist” are an excuse for monitoring civil rights groups.

While questioning witnesses about the FBI’s claims that “Black identity extremists” are a threat to law enforcement officers, attorney Roy Austin, a partner at Harris, Wilshire and Grannis LLP, called the label a “made up term” and said the FBI’s use of the term is “reckless.”

Austin added the term B.I.E., Black identity extremist, “is something that is simply going to continue to the problems that we are seeing right now were a thousand people die at the hands of law enforcement every year.”

The B.I.E. report “should have never been put out, it should have never been given to state and local [law enforcement], it should have never been done” said Austin.

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