Young, Gifted & Black With Autism | LaChan Hannon | TEDxCooperRiverWomen Raising a young, gifted and black young man with autism comes with its own set , rules, rewards and expectations. Being an educator and a parent of a child with autism comes with its own set of questions that not just parents should ask but that the Education System should ask.
LaChan Hannon ask the question: How does race influence how we see autism and the perception we have about our young, gifted and black children around the world?

LaChan is mother of two, Nile (13) and Avery (12).  Shortly after Avery’s autism diagnosis at 21  months, LaChan and her husband Dr. Michael D. Hannon co­founded the 501c3 non­profit organization  Greater Expectations Teaching and Advocacy Center Inc (GETAC), where she serves as Director, as a means to support families with children with developmental differences in addition to education professionals 
through parent  workshops, professional development, and advocacy support. She presents at both local and national  conferences on topics of autism education, culturally responsive teaching, and teacher practice. LaChan is an advocate for equitable access to quality education, a supporter of teacher  learning, and a believer that schools improve when parents are deliberately included in the education of  their children.   LaChan has BA in English/Sociolology and received special education graduate certificates in Educating Individuals with Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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