Kanye’s Gospel Remix, ESPN Family Feud Squad, Ari Lennox Snub Over Lizzo & The Cold in Syracuse

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This week:

You gotta bust a move on the subway. Bomani’s run in with T’Challa at the office. Why are the Africans on Law & Order never Africans? Yes, Dre is really remixing “Jesus Is King”. Bo discusses the importance and impact of 2001 on the 20th anniversary of its initial release. Apparently Ari Lennox is mad, and a lot of y’all ain’t here for the Lizzo album. Bomani breaks down the Syracuse Fraternity scandal. What ESPN “family” would Bomani take with him on Family Feud? Remember the time Pacquiao was singing on HQ. Drake’s reception at the Camp Flog Gnaw festival. The time Bo cried at a wedding. and more……


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