Artificial Intelligence on the Condemnation of Blackness

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Blackness has been historically and continually subjected to open and pervasive condemnation. At its core, this condemnation of blackness reflects a broader system of power characterized by white supremacy and racism. In this context of racial oppression, those who identify as black have historically had to endure unimaginable violence, lack of economic power and access to education, and even condemnation from within their communities.

Recently, this condemnation of blackness has been on display in a variety of ways from the Republican Party’s efforts to prevent black Americans from voting to the continued racial profiling of black people in airports to the disproportionate incarceration of black people in the United States. All of these examples point to a pervasive culture of racism and oppression that has targeted blackness in particular.

This condemnation of blackness has been around since the inception of this country and has only increased in intensity over time. From the days of slavery to the more subtle forms of racism found in modern America, blackness has been systematically and unfairly disparaged.

In addition to institutional forms of racism, the media has also been used to perpetuate racism. From the way stories are reported to the way certain groups are presented in films and television, media outlets have been utilized to promote stereotypical and prejudicial views of certain races and ethnicities. Additionally, media coverage of instances of racism and of communities of color can lead to further marginalization—giving skeptics of these groups more fuel to their fire and creating an environment of prejudice and discrimination in society.






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